Most of the day we will be walking on a plain though there are a few mild inclines on the way.

We start at the Jewish communal settelment of Merhav Am (wikipedia) and head out to Halukim range. The dramatic scenery of Bik’at Zin as seen from the top will give us an idea about the environment in which we are going to hike in the coming days. Going down towards HaRoee recreation area we will explore the “lost city”. Here are the remains of a village from the early Arab period mysteriously cohabitating both a mosque and a pagan temple. Crossing the road from HaRoee we will enter the kibbutz of Sde Boker (wikipedia). This was David Ben Gurion’s residence after retiring from public life. His hut (wikipedia) has been made into a museum where we can learn and appreciate his legacy. Later on we will walk through the Zin plain and pay a visit to Meitzad Zin, the ruins of a Byzantine guarding post watching over the ancient road. The day comes to its end at Midreshet Sde Boker, a community settelment surrounding and educational center and the burial place of Ben Gurion, set admist Bik’at Zin and looking over its spectacular surroundings.

Stage 1: Merhav-am to Midreshet Sde boker

Distance: 12 km

Time: 4 hours

Physical Challenge: Easy

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Waymarked:  Yes

Trail map

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Beer Shava to Halukim Junction (47km, 45 min)

bus no. 64, 65, 60, 160

Halukim Junction to Merhav am (4.4 KM , 1 stop )

bus no. 55

Beer Shava to Midreshet Sde Boker (52km, 50 min)

bus no. 64, 65, 60, 160

StageLocationNameDescriptionPriceBreakfast and DinnerContact Information
1Merhav AmKhan Merhav AmDesert Inn with both tents and roomsWeekdays: 80 PP
weekends:100 pp

Order in advance+972 (0)8-657-1963
1Midreshet Ben GurionSde Boker Field SchoolDouble Rooms and Family Roomssingle - 320
couple - 420
extra adult - 150
Order in advance+972 (0)8-653-2016
2AbdehEid’s Bedouin TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board+972-53-7762166
2AbdehYa Halla CampTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board+972-543510824
3HavaSalaam Abu Bliya’s TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board +972 (0)50-542-3523
*Arabic and Hebrew only
4Arikha Farhan TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board050-5338381
*Arabic and Hebrew only
4Arikha Salman Sadan’s Tent Traditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board+972 (0)54-600-1357
4Arikha Muhammad Hareinik’s TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board +972 (0)54-533-8381
*Arabic and Hebrew only
5Mitzpe RamonSilent ArrowComunal Dormitory Tent
Communal tent (mattress provided): 80NIS
Single hut: 150NIS
Double hut: 250NIS
Cooking facilities+972 (0)52-661-1561
5Mitzpe RamonGreen Backpackers HostelHostel Dorm: 88NIS
Double: 285NIS

Double Economy: 275NIS
Twin/Triple/Quad: 300-500NIS
Cooking facilities+972 (0)8-653-2319
5Mitzpe RamonDesert ShadeEco Mud HutsSingle: 200NIS
Double: 300NIS
Available+972 (0)8-658-6229
6Makhtesh RamonBe’erot Night CampcampgroundCamping in private tent/under basic shelter: 16NIS
Bedouin-style tent with mattress: 75 NIS
n/a+972 (0)8-628-0404
LocationNameDescriptionOpening Hours  
Midreshet Ben-GurionSuper ZinSupermarket. Not so big but has everything08:00-19:0008:00-14:00Closed
Midreshet Ben-GurionCna'aniaSandwiches and PastriesMon,Tue 08:00-15:00 Wed, Thu 08:00-16:0008:00-14:00Closed
Midreshet Ben-GurionFalafel PlusFalafels and Pitas10:00-18:00ClosedClosed
Midreshet Ben-GurionJuma'sRestaurant & BarMon-Sat 19:00-24:00
Sunday Closed
HummusTue&Fri 12:00-15:00
Midreshet Ben-GurionPizza DominoPizzas
Kibbutz Sde BokerPola Cafe at Ben Gurion's HutDairy Restaurand and Cafe08:30-16:0008:30-14:0010:00-16:00
Kibbutz Sde BokerMentaConvinience Store at the Service StationOpen 24/7
Things to See

1. Merhav Am – An uncommon Jewish religious community, home to many artisans of different crafts. Merhav Am has a khan (a desert inn) and is the trailhead of Har HaNegev trail.

2. Haggay Scenic Overlook – A beautiful viewpoint dominating the surroundings. The trailhead of a hike to the “lost city” – the curious remains of a village dating back to the early Arab period.

3. Ben Gurion’s Hut – A museum commemorating David Ben Gurion’s Legacy. Ben Gurion was Israel’s first prime minister, one of its greatest leaders and a true lover of the desert.

4. Midreshet Sde Boker – A community settlement surrounding an educational center, the burial place of Ben Gurion and the trailhead of dozens of hikes in the area.


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