An easy-going day combining the very modern with the very traditional.

 The day will start with a stroll through the pomegranate and olive orchards. While very much in the middle of the desert we might curiously believe ourselves elsewhere. We will learn how the water serving for this successful cultivation is flowing in from far away and being distributed among the plants. This is recycled water, non potable yet perfect for agricultural use as their undesired particles are filtered by the plants themselves and never make it to the fruit. Later we’ll hike up and down a small range and meet again the wide riverbed of Nahal Zin. Herds and herdsmen are a common sight in Nahal Zin. Goats, sheep and camels are led here by their shepherds, some of whom live in the neighbouring village of Aricha. Also known as “the hidden village” Aricha has a few accommodation tents in one of which we will spend the night.

stage 4 : HAVA TO ARIKHA

Distance: 11.5 km

Time: 3.5 hours

Physical Challenge: Easy

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Waymarked: yes

Trail map


StageLocationNameDescriptionPriceBreakfast and DinnerContact Information
1Merhav AmKhan Merhav AmDesert Inn with both tents and roomsWeekdays: 80 PP
weekends:100 pp

Order in advance+972 (0)8-657-1963
1Midreshet Ben GurionSde Boker Field SchoolDouble Rooms and Family Roomssingle - 320
couple - 420
extra adult - 150
Order in advance+972 (0)8-653-2016
2AbdehEid’s Bedouin TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board+972-53-7762166
2AbdehYa Halla CampTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board+972-543510824
3HavaSalaam Abu Bliya’s TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board +972 (0)50-542-3523
*Arabic and Hebrew only
4Arikha Farhan TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board050-5338381
*Arabic and Hebrew only
4Arikha Salman Sadan’s Tent Traditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board+972 (0)54-600-1357
4Arikha Muhammad Hareinik’s TentTraditional Shared Accommodation Tent200NIS/person, half-board +972 (0)54-533-8381
*Arabic and Hebrew only
5Mitzpe RamonSilent ArrowComunal Dormitory Tent
Communal tent (mattress provided): 80NIS
Single hut: 150NIS
Double hut: 250NIS
Cooking facilities+972 (0)52-661-1561
5Mitzpe RamonGreen Backpackers HostelHostel Dorm: 88NIS
Double: 285NIS

Double Economy: 275NIS
Twin/Triple/Quad: 300-500NIS
Cooking facilities+972 (0)8-653-2319
5Mitzpe RamonDesert ShadeEco Mud HutsSingle: 200NIS
Double: 300NIS
Available+972 (0)8-658-6229
6Makhtesh RamonBe’erot Night CampcampgroundCamping in private tent/under basic shelter: 16NIS
Bedouin-style tent with mattress: 75 NIS
n/a+972 (0)8-628-0404

buses from Beer sheva to Mizpa Ramon stops at  road near Arikha Village.

bus no. 64, 65, 60, 160


There are no foods or drinks at this Stage , other than at the Bedouin Villages.

Things to See

1. Modern Desert Farm – The pomegranates, the olives and the vine cultivated here are a living example of how modern agriculture makes the desert bloom.

2. Nahal Zin’s “Green Boulevard” – A part of Zin river that turns lush green during winter and spring time, putting it in a scenic contradiction with the desolate surrounding.

3. Kfar Aricha – “The Hidden Village”. A charming tiny village of Bedouin shepherds, beautifully situated in Wadi Aricha.


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